Response function of a BGO detector for γ-rays with energies in the range from 0.2 MeV to 8 MeV

Grozdanov, D N ; Fedorov, N A ; Kopatch, Yu N ; Ruskov, I N ; Dabylova, S B ; Aliyev, F A ; Skoy, V R ; Hramco, C ; Tretyakova, T Yu ; Kumar, A ; Gandhi, A ; Sharma, A ; Wang, D ; Sakhiyev, S K


This work is devoted to determination of the response function of a BGO detector of γ-rays, which is used in experiments aimed at investigation of inelastic scattering of neutrons with energies of 14.1 MeV on various nuclei. A function is constructed to describe the Monte-Carlo simulated response of a gamma-detector, which allows taking into account all possible mechanisms of interaction of γ-rays with matter, as well as the geometric parameters of the detector. For all components of the function, an analytical form of their energy dependencies is selected and its parameters are determined in the case of registration of γ-quanta with energies in the range from 0.2 MeV to 8 MeV.


TANGRA, 14 MeV Neutrons, BGO, GEANT4, Monte-Carlo simulation

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