Theoretical Analysis of Plasma Parameters on Film Deposition in planer and Cylindrical Magnetron Sputtering

Gupta, Gaurav ; Tyagi, R K


Thin film deposition using plasma sputter is done by experimental methods, though Numerical simulation and theory are capable of generating realistic and useful results. In present exploration a theoretical model for sputtering with consequence of different plasma parameters with the help of electromagnetic lenses for planar (Tp) and cylindrical (Tc) magnetron sputteringhas been conversed. The plasma of helium gas on nickel metal objectwhich contains the velocity shear instability is considered, and Tp,Tc, under the influence of shear scale length(Ai), homogeneous DC electric field(E0), magnetic field (B0), density gradient (enri) have been evaluated. Tp, and Tcare found to be maximum in the range of 0.815–0.91, and 0.57–0.90, respectively. Also growth rate showed direct relation to E0 and Ai but inversely varies with B0 and enri.


Coating, Morphology, Plasma, Sputtering, Surface

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