Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Magnesium-Aluminium (Mg-Al) Alloys with High Aluminium Content (Al =10, 15, 20 wt. %)

Jayalakshmi, S ; Singh, R Arvind ; Mohan, Sanjay ; Sankaranarayanan, S ; Machemba Gomano, Vasco ; Chen, Xizhang ; Gupta, Manoj


Magnesium-Aluminium (Mg-Al) alloys containing zinc or manganese are preferred choice in automobile and aerospace sectors. Aluminium, the major strengthening element in Mg-alloys is always added below its solid solubility limit of 12.5 wt.%. In the current study, Mg-Al binary systems with Al-content just below and above the solubility limit (Al = 10, 15 and 20 wt.%,) were developed and examined for their microstructural and mechanical behaviour. Microstructural studies showed the importance of Al-content in determining: (i) grain size reduction and (ii) distribution and amount of inter metallic phase. Mechanical property evaluation showed that the hardness increase was linearly dependent on Al-content, with Mg-20Al showing > 250% increase in hardness than commercial AZ91alloy. Mg-10Al showed 215% and 130% increase in yield and ultimate strengths respectively, and exhibited the best properties in terms of work of fracture, which is representative of the alloy’s toughness.


Magnesium alloys, Aluminium, Microstructure, Intermetallic phase, Mechanical behaviour

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