Potential of AA7075 as a Tribological Material for Industrial Applications -A Review

Ul Haq, Mir Irfan ; Raina, Ankush ; Mohan, Sanjay ; Anand, Ankush ; Bin Abdollah, Mohd Fadzli


Lightweight materials in general and alumunium alloys in particular are increasingly becoming important engineering materials in order to improve the sustainability aspects of engineering products. Amongst the alumunium alloys, AA7075, due to its strength to weight ratio along with other technical benefits has become a prominent material. The literature suggests that AA7075 is structurally good, however its poor tribological properties can be enhanced by introducing different reinforcements. Further, the mechanical and tribological behaviour of AA7075 relies on variety of factors such as fabrication route, quality and quantity of reinforcement, etc. In this work we summarize the work carried out in studying the various mechanical and tribological properties of AA7075. The paper will focus on the ceramic and solid lubricant reinforced AA7075 hybrid composites. A section also summarizes the applications of the alumunium alloys and composites in various engineering applications.


AA7075; Composites; Tribology; Alumunium; Light Weight Materials

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