Characterization and Behavior Study of Nitinol Shape Memory Alloy Wire for Effective and Efficient Use in Soft Robotics as an Actuator

Kumar Koiri, Mithilesh ; Kumar Sharma, Anuj


Soft Robotics is an emerging field due to high degree of freedom, their soft and delicate interaction, almost no vibration during operations etc. are some among many reasons, why scientists and researchers got attracted towards this field. Nitinol is commonly used in soft robotics and easily available Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuator. In present investigation, the authors attempted to understand the characteristics and behaviour of Nitinol SMA Actuator wire with change in various parameters such as length, diameter, current, and temperature. Moreover, it is investigated, how resistance, power consumption, force developed, hysteresis, and displacement changing takes place with current passing through the wire and corresponding temperature developed. Various experiments are performed and based on the results and findings related to the selection of wires for specific requirement have been discussed and suggestions were made for the use of the SMA actuator efficiently and effectively.


SMA, Soft robotics, Actuator, Nitinol, Temperature

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