Bandwidth Enhancement Technique of a Dual-Band Circularly Polarized Dielectric Resonator Antenna

Gotra, Shailza ; Pandey, V S ; Singh, Brahmjit


This paper presents the rectangular aperture coupled dielectric resonator antenna with dual-band circularly polarized response. The antenna geometry have stair case shaped rectangular dielectric resonator in the form of main radiating element. The specific geometry provides increment of aspect ratio of the dielectric resonator. This allows merging of various resonant frequencies having higher order modes that result in the bandwidth enhancement. This antenna provides 18.63% and 7.68% of -10 dB S11-parameter bandwidth response in operating passbands, respectively. The specific geometry and the introduction of circular slots in ground plane results in the orthogonal modes excitation at the nearby resonant frequencies. Due to this, the circular polarization response at 7.76 and 8.33 GHz frequencies is achieved. The peak gain of 5.8 and 4.6 dBic is obtained in the respective lower and upper operating passbands. Through parametric analysis, tuning of antenna responseis also achieved. The proposed antenna with the optimized parameters may have potential applications in the microwave C- and X-band setups.


Bandwidth enhancement, Circularly polarized, Dielectric resonator, Dual-band response

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