Analysis of Surface Water Extraction and Change Detection Over Barur Lake, India

Aiswarya, J ; Kamala, J ; Vaithiyanathan, D


Water is one of the most essential and devastating element in the world. The lack of access to water and its abundance can be a serious threat to human life. These two circumstances may create a difficult situation against the sustainability of human life. Inadequate access to water causes drought, affects agriculture and on other side high level water availability in urban areas affects daily life. Hence, mapping and analysing of the surface water of the earth benefits from such impacts. Therefore, this study analysis evaluates the performance of available Landsat-8 OLI images for mapping water bodies and to obtaining precise Normalized Differential Water Index (NDWI) extraction. Change detection analysis of the obtained data shows that the area of the surface water body keeps on changing every year. The surface area of the lake has undergone a drastic change in the year 2019.


Barur Lake, NDWI, Remote Sensing, Change Detection, Surface Water Extraction, Landsat

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