Fabrication, Testing and Machining of Hybrid Basalt-Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic composite

Jain, Akshay ; Singh, Bhagat ; K Sharma, Kapil ; Shrivastava, Yogesh


In modern industries, basalt and glass are the most commonly used fibers for the fabrication of various engineering components. Present work is focused on the fabrication of hybrid fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) composites, comprises of basalt and glass fibers. The aim of the work is to fabricate a composite justifying the current requirement of the era followed by the identification of the capabilities of fabricated composite by investigating its mechanical properties. Further, the machining of the fabricated composite has also been explored in order to limit the common problems in machining like fiber pull-out and delamination. From the results, it has been perceived that the fabricated composite can be machined flawlessly using laser beam machine subjected to the selection of input parameters. The proposed methodology seems helpful for researchers in fabricating the FRP composite and in identifying the range of input parameters suitable for machining.


Fiber reinforced plastic composite; Response surface methodology; Laser beam machining; Box Behnken design; Hand layup method.

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