Performance Analysis of Different Solar Models Based on the Solar cell Parameters

Ali, Ikbal ; Kumar, Sunil ; Siddiqui, A Shahzad


In this paper author present performance analysis between solar models based on accuracy, temperature, solar irradiance, resistances, output voltage and ideality factor of solar cell. In past literature various model of solar cell are presented, like one diode model and double diode model. This paper describes a comparative analysis between one-diode, two-diode and three-diode models of PV cell. To examine the accuracy of each model from information given through the past researcher, this paper differentiates the current-voltage (I-V) and power-voltage (P-V) characteristics performance at standard test condition (STC). The utmost frequently used models are one-diode and two-diode models, as they offer healthier relationships with a real solar cell. Authors compared different solar cell models based on above parameter and found that one-diode model provides supplementary accurate result as related to two-diode model for high intensity solar irradiation. While two-diode model is further correct for short intensity solar irradiation.


PV, Diode models, Cell parameters, Solar irradiance

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