Extensibility of External Magnetic Potential at High Latitudes - Antarctica

KUMAR, ANIL ; Akhila, J C K ; Sherin A, Ann


We investigated the external magnetic potential due to solar forcing, with nine years of data during 2001-2009, coveringthe deep solar minimum (2006-2009), at two stations: one is in the polar cap -Vostok (78º27'S, 106º52’E; mag. lat 83oS) andanother is in the subauroral region - Maitri (70º45'S, 11º43'E: mag. lat 67oS) in Antarctica. The significance of the work isassociated with space weather prediction and its impact on planet Earth. We used Advance Composition Explorer (ACE)satellite data for the aforesaid period for a thorough understanding of influences due to solar wind origin and to compare theparameter observed in these regions. We used the spherical cap harmonic analysis (SCHA) function as a tool. The inferenceindicates that at Vostok the magnitude is enhanced throughout and depicts a broad ambient external magnetic potential. Itseems to be essentially the intensification of the region 1 currents whereas at Maitri intense electric fields are producedduring geomagnetic perturbations which drive a system of disturbed time Region 2 currents over the quiet time currents.During this scenario in Maitri there are noticeable peaks or enhancements in the magnetic potential that can be observedmainly during geomagnetic disturbances. Hence the regression relation developed for external magnetic potentialcalculation, in terms of solar wind parameters agrees well with polar cap region and the area is relatively less exploredearlier, the present investigation can be expected to add knowledge about that regime.


Antarctica; External magnetic potential; Electrodynamics; Global electric circuit; Spherical cap harmonicanalysis

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