The Experimental Investigation of Kinetics of Glass Transition of ZBLAN Glass by using Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Patel, Margi ; Acharya, Naveen ; Pratap, Arun


A ZBLAN glass is a heavy metal fluoride (HMF) glass that possesses high thermal stability and excellent property as atransmitting material. The current study examines the thermal properties of ZBLAN glass utilizing Differential scanningcalorimetry (DSC) at various heating rates. The temperature of glass transition, Tg, is observed to vary with heating rate,indicating its kinetic nature. Through the use of Kissinger's and Augis- Bennett's methodologies and the heating ratedependency of Tg, the activation energy (E) has been determined. These methodologies have also been used to obtain thefragility index (m), which can be used to evaluate the glass forming ability (GFA) of the system. The fragility index found isgreater than 16, indicating that the ZBLAN glass is "fragile."


Kinetics of Glass transition; ZBLAN glass; Activation energy; Fragility index

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