Immense Magnetodielectric Effect in Eu2O3-Mesoporous Silica Nanocomposites

Sweta; Das, Partha Pratim; Banerjee, Shilpi


Nanodimentional Eu2O3 was developed inside the channels of silica with mesoporus structure, which have5 nm pore diameter. At room temperature, such nanocomposite showed a large magnetodielectric coefficient of around 70% upon application of magnetic field of 1 Tesla at a frequency 1 kHz. The dielectric loss was quite low in spite of the fact that Eu2O3 is conducting in nature. This was achieved because of a scarcelydispensed Eu2O3species inside silica, which is highly resistive in nature. This method of nanocomposite formation gives rise to the fabrication of devices with high magnetodielectric coefficients.


Nanocomposites; Mesoporous silica; Magnetodielectric effect

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