Inelastic electron transport in C70 fullerene

Niazian, Mohammad reza ; yaghobi, mojtaba


The effect of inelastic electron-phonon interactions on thermoelectric and electron transport properties of the C70 molecule has been studied. The results show that thermopower sign is positive for negative energies; while for positive energies it reverses its sign. A linear graph via energy with staircase structure is seen for thermopower of the C70 molecule by considering inelastic electron-phonon interactions. In addition, rate of entropy production and the figure of merit of C70 cages have been studied to get more insight of the thermoelectric properties of C70 molecules. The values of ZTs are in the range 0 - 2×10-4 and the effect of single contacts is small on the values of ZT.


Thermoelectric effect; Electron-phonon interaction; Fullerene junction

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