Temperature Dependence on Opto-structural Parameters of Sol-gel Derived Tin Doped Zirconia Nanoparticles

Rani, Saruchi ; Verma, Surbhi ; Kumar, Sushil


Recently, nanocrystalline zirconia was widely employed in photocatalytic applications .Tin doped zirconia nanoparticles were prepared by sol-gel process followed by spin coating technique. The as-produced powders and thin films were heat treated in air at 500, 650 and 800 0C for 2h. Structural parameters of annealed samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction and Fourier transformed infrared studies. XRD spectra revealed the mixed phases such as t-ZrO2, m-ZrO2 and o-ZrSnO4. Structural parameters viz. crystallite size, lattice constants, dislocation density, microstrain, orientation parameter and activation energy were evaluated. XRD data depicted that crystallite size increased, while lattice parameters slightly decreased with increase in annealing temperature.  Expected functional groups were established by FTIR spectra. Optical parameters of nanopowders/thin films such as PL emission wavelength and optical band gap were determined by photoluminescence and UV-visible absorption. The energy band gaps of thin films were increased with increase in temperature. The emission peak exhibited a blue shift with increase in temperature. In addition, thermogravimetric-differential thermal analysis of as prepared sample was investigated.


Nanoparicles; Sol-gel; Annealing; Structural parameters; Optical parameters

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