Influence of pH on the Properties of Chemically Prepared SnS and CdS Thin Films

John, Smiya ; Francis, Melda ; Mary A P, Reena ; Geetha, V


The SnS and CdS thin films were chemically prepared from the bath solutions with different pH values of 9.8, 9.9, and10, and 11.3, 11.4, and 11.5 respectively. The X-ray diffraction confirmed the formation of orthorhombic SnS with a preferredorientation along the 013 plane and cubic CdS along the 311 planes. Crystallite size and lattice strain were calculated from theWilliamson-Hall plot, and it was found that the crystallite size increased as pH increased. Raman spectra showed the prominentpeaks of SnS and CdS thin films. Optical studies revealed a decrease in the optical band gap of both samples with increasing pHvalues. SnS films showed needle-like morphology with agglomerates and CdS flake-like interconnected structures. From theEDS analysis, it was noticed that both the SnS and CdS thin films shifted to a metal-rich composition with the increase in thepH of the bath solution. Finally, a solar cell (ITO/SnS/CdS/Ag) was made, and it was found that cell structures formed with SnSand CdS that were deposited with pH values of 10 and 11.3 showed better performance.


SnS; CdS; XRD measurements; Raman analysis; EDS spectra

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