New Modified Voltage Differencing Voltage Transconductance Amplifier (MVDVTA) based Meminductor Emulator and its Applications

Jain, Harsh ; Aggarwal, Bhawna ; Rai, Shireesh Kumar


This paper presents a new modified voltage differencing voltage transconductance amplifier (MVDVTA) basedmeminductor emulator circuit. The proposed emulator circuit is memristor-less, uses only a single active building block(ABB) and has simple circuitry. The MVDVTA based emulator design consists of only two capacitors and a single resistor.The performance of the proposed design has been verified over a wide frequency span. For simulation purpose LTSpice toolis used with 0.18μm CMOS technology. The proposed emulator has also been employed in chaotic oscillator and adaptivelearning application circuit to verify its workability. The proposed design gives satisfactory performance for both theapplications, hence confirming its functionality in practical environment.


Modified voltage differencing voltage transconductance amplifier (MVDVTA); Meminductor; chaotic oscillator; adaptive learning

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