Absorption Spectroscopic Studies of Chip-scale Rubidium Atomic Vapour Cells in a Compact 3D Printed Magneto-Optic Package

M S, Giridhar ; S P, Karanth ; Akshaya; S, Elumalai ; K V, Sriram


This paper describes the design, development and spectroscopic studies of chip-scale Rb atomic vapour cell developed in the authors’ laboratory. A compact magneto-optic package for the chip-scale Rb cell comprising of TEC integrated VCSEL source, silicon p-i-n photo detector and a hemispherical lens for light collimation is reported. The package is manufactured using commercial 3D printing technology. A PC based data acquisition system has been developed to provide real time analysis of the captured spectral data of the Rb chip by laser interrogation of the D1 hyperfine transition. Doppler broadened absorption resonance lines of technological importance have been recorded for transitions 85Rb(2S1/2 F=2→2P1/2 F′ =2,3) having absorption amplitude 1.24 V and FWHM 850 MHz and 87Rb(2S1/2 F=2 →2P1/2 F′ =1,2) has absorption amplitude 0.47 V and FWHM 567 MHz at cell temperature of 70 oC . Further, the chip-scale Rb atomic cell in the magneto-optical package will be explored to develop atomic sensors for space applications.


Chip-scale vapour cell; Absorption spectroscopy; 3D printing; Tunable diode laser spectroscopy

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