Three dimensional viscous flow and heat transfer due to a permeable shrinking sheet with heat generation/absorption

Rajotia, Dinesh ; Jat, Ram Niwas


Three dimensional boundary layer flow due to a permeable shrinking sheet with viscous dissipation and heat generation/absorption, has been studied in the present paper. The governing equations are transformed to ordinary differential equations by using suitable similarity transformations and then solved numerically on computer by standard technique. Numerical results of velocity and temperature profiles are obtained with the effects of various parameters involved such as suction, shrinking, Prandtl number, Eckert number and heat generation coefficient etc. and discussed them graphically in suitable manner such that interesting aspects of the solution can be adopted. Also, the comparison of results of two dimensional case and axisymmetric shrinking sheet case is considered.


Viscous flow; Shrinking sheet, Heat generation; Viscous dissipation; Suction

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