Dirac-Yukawa problem with Coulomb like tensor interaction via Ansatz method

Salehi, Nasrin -; Azizi, Mona ; Rajabi, AliAkbar


In the present study, the solution of Dirac equation for Yukawa potential including the Coulomb-like potential tensor interaction term has been investigated. In order to obtain the solution of the problem, Yukawa potential has been expanded by using Taylor extension to the power of seventh and brought out its simple from. The energy eigenvalues and the corresponding wave functions are obtained using the Ansatz method. The deuteron mass has also been reported by considering the effects of hyperfine interactions on the relativistic energy spectra of nucleon. The obtained result shows that deuteron mass is found to be in good agreement with the experimental value.


Dirac equation; Yukawa potential; Spin; Isospin; Nucleon; Deutron; Hypercentral potential

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