Dispersion characteristics of novel class multi-clad dispersion shifted hollow core fibers for WDM optical systems

raghuwanshi, sanjeev Kumar; Palodiya, Vikram


The design and analysis of multiple-clad hollow core dispersion-shifted fibers have been presented in this paper. Fiber profiles have been designed consisting of a central core that is hollow and outer cladding is silica. The novel refractive index profile has multi-clad for enhanced optical characteristics. Optical fibers with two or more claddings are required for dispersion shifting, dispersion flattening, and other specialized applications. Thus, the hollow core fiber shows the zero dispersion at 1550 nm wavelength. These hollow core fibers have potential application in WDM optical systems.


Multi-clad fiber; Hollow core fiber; Dispersion shifted design; Dispersion; Confinement

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