Fabrication and characterization of dye sensitized solar cells: A photographic guide

Chander, Nikhil ; Komarala, Vamsi K


This paper presents the detailed fabrication procedure of dye-sensitized solar cells. The characterization techniques used for evaluating solar cell performance have also been described. The photographs of the fabrication process and characterization systems have been provided wherever necessary. Important fabrication steps which have not been provided in detail in the scientific literature have been presented for clarity. Proper characterization methodology has been provided to correctly evaluate the performance of solar cells. The general procedures and techniques presented here can also be used for fabricating efficient perovskite solar cells. Present work can be used as a guide for fabricating and characterizing high efficiency dye sensitized solar cells, and will be very useful for the researchers engaged in solar cell research work.


Dye-sensitized solar cell; Fabrication; Thin film solar cell; Photographic guide

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