Relativistic solution of Eckart plus Hulthen potentials in the presence of spin and pseudospin symmetry

Mousavi, Mohsen ; Shojaei, Mohamad Reza


In this paper Dirac equation has been solved approximately for Eckart plus Hulthen potentials with spin symmetry and pseudospin symmetry for k≠0. The formula method has been used to obtain the energy Eigen-values and wave functions. The energy Eigen-values and wave functions have also been discussed for the special case of modified Eckart plus Hulthen potentials for the spin and pseudospin symmetry with formula method. To show the accuracy of the present model, some numerical values of the energy levels have been shown.


Dirac equation;Eckart potential;Hulthen potential;Formula method;Spin and pseudospin symmetry

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