Microwave device jig characterization for ferromagnetic resonance induced spin Hall effect measurement in bilayer thin films



Microwave device jig for evaluating magnetic thin films consists of two symmetrical radial copper pad sections each having panel mounted RF connector. A non resonant measurement method for obtaining spin Hall voltage across magnetic thin films using ferromagnetic resonance was developed, based on electrical impedance of thin film and copper pads of the microwave device jig both in contact with each other. A geometry is introduced, which provides good impedance match characteristics and is optimised for maximum power transmission. It also gives the flexibility in measurements for any orientation of thin film with respect to applied magnetic field. In this geometry, a quantitative study of the microwave device jig has been done by measuring spin Hall voltages in the frequency range 0.1-10 GHz for bilayer thin films. The experimentally recorded voltages can be fully ascribed to SHE detection due to microwave induced FMR.


Microwave magnetics, Spin Hall effect, Ferromagnetic resonance

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