A systematic performance evaluation of indigenously developed Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor

Porwal, Vikash ; Dixit, Awakash ; Mamgain, Aditya Kumar; Mishra, Sanjay Kumar; Gupta, Arun Kumar


Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor (SH-WS) is the key subsystem of an adaptive optical system (AOS). The systematic performance evaluation is the prerequisite for the optimal utilization of SH-WS in AOS. This requires generation and sensing of pure (Zernike modes) and random aberrations in laboratory. The Zernike modes, tilt and defocus are generated in the laboratory through a simple experimental arrangement. Other Zernike modes astigmatism, coma, spherical aberration, and trefoil are generated through a phase-only spatial light modulator. The random wavefront errors have been generated through indoor convective turbulence. Further, the aberrated wavefronts have been sensed by SH-WS and calibrated standard methods, simultaneously. The recorded data is analyzed to estimate the performance parameters, which are discussed in terms of calibration, accuracy, precision, response of various Zernike modes, and sensing of indoor convective turbulence.


Adaptive optics;; Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor; Phase-only Spatial light modulator; Zernike modes

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