Vol 53, No 3 (2015)

Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics

Table of Contents


Dielectric mixing model for the estimation of complex permittivity of wet soils at C and X band microwave frequencies PDF
Gadani, Deepak H.; Vyas, A. D. 190-198
New magnetic measurement system for determining metal covered mines by detecting magnetic anomaly using a sensor network PDF
Ege, Yavuz 199-211


Study on physical and mechanical properties of NFRP hybrid composites PDF

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Vibrational spectroscopic investigation, first hyper polarizability and homo-lumo analysis of 2,2,4-tribromoacetophenone PDF
Jeyavijayan, S 151-159

Condensed Matter: Structural, Mechanical and Thermal Properties

Behaviour of acoustical phonons in CeAs in low temperature region PDF
Singh, Devraj 169-174

Condensed Matter: Electronic Structure, Electrical, Magnetic and Optical Properties

Electronic and optical properties of GaInX2 (X=As, P) from first principles study PDF
BENNACER, Hamza ; BERRAH, Smail ; BOUKORTT, Abdelkader ; ZIANE, Mohamed Issam 181-189

Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics (IJPAP)