A Triple Band Ultra-thin Metamaterial Absorber with Wide Incident Angle Stability

Sood, Deepak


In this paper a triple band electric field driven LC (ELC) resonator based metamaterial absorber with wide incident angle stability has been presented. The design consists of three ELC resonators and dimensions of each are optimized in such a way that absorption is observed at three distinct frequencies covering C, X and Ku-bands to serve potential RF applications. The proposed absorber design provides absorptivities of 66.88 %, 98.06 % and 99.97 % at 4.97, 11.27 and 13.43 GHz respectively under normal incidence. The absorber structure shows high absorptivity for oblique incidence angles up to 600. The proposed absorber design has also been studied for various angles of TE polarization under normal incidence. The absorber structure provides the flexibility to adjust each of absorption frequencies separately. An array of the proposed absorber design has been fabricated and its performance is experimentally investigated under normal and oblique incidences for TE polarization. The measured results are observed to be in agreement with the simulation response.


Metamaterial absorber, Triple band, ELC resonator design, Ultra-thin

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