A study on position estimation algorithm using global positioning system satellites data

Srivastava, Ashutosh


In the present paper a study on position estimation algorithm by a receiver using GPS satellites is carried out at Dehradun.  For the analysis RINEX version 2.11 data is taken as input to study and development of algorithm and mathematical models. The obtained position from mathematical algorithm is compared with the reference position. Dilution of Precision (DOP) estimation is also carried out to analysis the geometry of GPS satellites as observed by receiver and its effect on position estimation. It is observed that using position estimation algorithm which is developed for this study, a good estimate of location is obtained and it is matching with the reference values closely and shows better estimates if compared with portable receiver measurements. After comparing with one particular RINEX data file results, the difference in terms of latitude and longitude it is close up to 6th decimal places or up to centimeter level.


Mathematical algorithm, GPS, Position estimation, Receiver

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