Efficient Microstrip Filter for IF band in DTH Downlink

A, Kamalaveni ; Madhan Muthu, Ganesh ; R, Kaushik


This paper presents an efficient microstrip trisection bandpass filter consisting of cross-coupled open-loop resonators for IF band filtering in Ku band Direct to Home (DTH) applications. The proposed filter has been designed and investigated using Advanced Design System (ADS) software. The filter provides fractional Bandwidth (FBW) of 13.84% at the centre frequency, which is much higher than most of the cascaded trisection filter designs previously reported in literature. The fabricated filter has been experimentally tested on aKu band DTH downlink and the effect of the filter on the received signal has been analysed.


Microstrip Filter;Cascaded Trisection;Open Loop Resonator (OLR);Coupled Resonator

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