Analysis of anomalous ionospheric total electron content variation for earthquakes in South East Asian region with IGS network

Debnath, Anjan


A study has been undertaken to find ionospheric Total Electron Content anomaly around various earthquake days that occurred in a period from January, 2016 to March, 2017 in the South East Asian region. Large Magnitude shallow earthquakes were considered only. For the study VTEC data from IGS network was analyzed with the help of IONOLABTEC software tool. The analysis was done based on IGS stations that fall within Dobrovolsky Radius of each earthquake. The analysis included geo magnetically quiet days only to take out all non-earthquake effects in the ionosphere. The analysis shows TEC irregularity few days around almost all earthquake events.


VTEC, Dobrovolsky Radius, IonolabTEC, IGS Network

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