Solar plasma related to Geomagnetic Disturbance storm time during Solar Cycles 22 & 23



A correlative and comparative study has been carried out between the peak values of Geomagnetic Disturbance storm time (Dst) corresponding to Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF), and solar plasma parameters during solar cycles 22 and 23. For this purpose, we have identified 86 Geomagnetic Disturbance storm time index from -150nT to -589nT.This study has shown that the Bz component is a significant factor in the description of geomagnetic storms. A linear relationship has been established between Dst and corresponding to IMF and solar plasma parameters. Our study has suggested that geomagnetic storms only occur when the value of solar wind velocity exceeds ~350 km/sec. We have observed that the strong solar wind and interplanetary magnetic field were responsible for an intense geomagnetic storm. Moreover, the phase of IMF and Dst is strongly related during occurring of geomagnetic storms for solar cycles 22 and 23.


Solar plasma parameters;Disturbance storm time (Dst);Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF)

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