Atmospheric Remote Sensing with a multi-frequency microwave radiometer in the 20-30 GHz band

Debnath, Anjan


With the help of Ground Based seven channel K-Band humidity profiling radiometer, humidity at different height levels from 0 to 10 Km from ground has been obtained for two years from 2016 to 2017. Radiometer based zenith attenuation has been retrieved for the 20-30 GHz band which have been compared with ITU-R proposed attenuation estimation due to absorption by gases. ITU-R estimation has been found to underestimate zenith attenuation for tropical high rainfall region like Umiam. The Mean Atmospheric Temperature has been estimated from ground observations and Zenith Radiometer Attenuation through linear regression equations. Additionally, water vapour scale height has been estimated from zenith attenuation and surface meteorological parameters. Total water vapour has been also obtained from this and compared with Total water vapour estimated from IWV retrievals by radiometer. A regression relation has been found between IWV and 22.24 GHz brightness temperature obtained from Radiometer


Radiometer, Brightness temperature, Water vapour absorption, Humidity profile, Water vapour scale height

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