Correlation of Alfvén Mach number with field aligned current, polar cap potential and dawn dusk electric field during Quiet and extreme solar wind conditions

Adhikari, Binod ; Pandit, Drabindra ; Baruwal, Prashrit ; Thapa, Opendra ; Adhikari, Niraj ; Kaphle, Bidur ; Bhattara, Pratik ; Chapagain, Narayan P; Adhikari, Sarala


This paper has been performed to study the Alfvenic Mach number (MA) in relation to Field Aligned Currents (FACs), Polar Cap Potential (PCV), Dawn Dusk Electric Field (Ey) during different geomagnetic conditions. The relations of MA with FACs, PCV and interplanetary electric field (IEF)-EY not solely dependent on any solar wind parameter but also associate with prior, main, and post conditions of geomagnetic storms. This study has shown that Prior to the arrival of interplanetary shock (IS), M୑ୗ and M୅ show good relationship with FAC, PCV, EFY, and solar wind parameters, as the space weather seems unperturbed. The positive correlations among the various parameters have obtained due to the merging of two different interplanetary coronal mass ejections (ICMEs) driven solar storms and consequential intense southward interplanetary magnetic field. The negative relationships among the selected parameters may have been due to the slow recovery of the IMF-Bz component. This study indicate that the preceding solar winds could be associatedon the variance of MA of a geomagnetic event, in turn might have its effects on FACs, PCV, Ey and in other solar wind parameters.


Geomagnetic conditions, Field aligned currents, Polar cap potential, Dawn dusk electric field, Alfven Mach number


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