Low latitude ionospheric variations during geomagnetic storms measured using ROCSAT-1 satellite observations

Rana, Geeta ; Bardhan, Ananna ; Sharma, D K ; Yadav, M K


This paper studies the response of ionospheric parameters- ion densities (O+ and H+) and ion temperature (Ti) to a moderate (30 July 1999) and a strong (13 November 1999)  geomagnetic storm (GS) at low latitude Indian region using observations and modelling. The analysis has been carried out by using ROCSAT-1 satellite data over the region encompassed between 5-35º geog N and 65-95º geog E at an average altitude ~ 600 km. This study of the effect of these geomagnetic storms over the low-latitude F2 region ionosphere has been compared with the estimated values of IRI-2016 model. The ionospheric plasma parameters show anomalous behaviour during disturbed days compared to the quiet days. For the moderate GS, both the average O+ and H+ density are found to increase by a factor of around1.8 during disturbed and quiet days respectively as calculated by ROCSAT-1. For the strong GS, the average O+/H+ density is found to increase by a factor of around 2.7/ 6.3 respectively during disturbed/quiet days as calculated by ROCSAT-1. And the Ti is observed showing the least or negligible variation both by measured and modelled values during moderate and strong GS.


Geomagnetic storm, ionospheric parameters, F2 region ionosphere, low latitude, satellite measurements, IRI-model.

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