Ionospheric responses to the consecutive earthquakes over Canadian sector

Emperumal, Karthikeyan ; Yasala, Srinivas ; Kaliappan, Emperumal ; Sundararaman, Sathishkumar


Recently, two successive earthquakes with the magnitude of 6.8 and 6.5 which have occurred at 200 km southwest ofPort Hardy, Canada (49°N, 129°W) during October 2018 have been considered for our study. The TEC data has beenacquired from nearby stations of these two events. It has been observed that an increase in TEC anomalies of about0.1 TECU of moderate earthquake events occurred on the geo-magnetically quiet days. Besides, increases in the TECanomalies have shown wave-like structures in the ionosphere and it may have associated with acoustic waves generated byearthquakes. The faulting mechanism of the earthquake and the propagation velocity of waves by TEC have confirmed thepresence of acoustic wave activity.


Total electron content (TEC), Co-Scismic Ionospheric disturbance (CID), Earthquake, Canada

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