Design of 3.1GHz/4.1GHz/5.1GHz/9.8GHz tetra band microstrip antenna for wireless applications

Byanigoudra, Shiddanagouda


In this paper, a novel engineered tetra band microstrip antenna is designed for wireless applications. The proposed antenna is printed on flame-retardant fiberglass epoxy (FR-4) substrate with the dimensions of 40mmx40mmx1.6mm and ground plane etched with rectangular split ring defected ground structure (RSRDGS). The RSRDGS unit cell is used to miniaturize the designed antenna as well as for multiband resonance. The proposed antenna resonates at tetra band frequency points i.e., 3.1GHz, 4.1GHz, 5.1GHz, and 9.8GHz with satisfactory bandwidth of 209MHz, 313MHz, 168MHz, and 195MHz respectively. The total peak gain at tetra band frequency points are 8.54dB, 7.65dB, 1.79dB, and 4.65dB as well as 48% of virtual size miniaturization is achieved. The proposed antenna results make it suitable to use for S-band to X-band wireless applications


Microstrip antenna, Rectangular split ring defected ground structure (RSRDGS), Total peak gain

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