Design and analysis of Hexagonal loop inscribed square shaped unit cell forfrequency selective surface

S, Rajasri


Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) has been playing vital role in applications like antenna radomes, reflectors, absorber,electromagnetic shielding and many more. Hence, this paper has been proposed the design and analysis of novel FSS unitcell. Initially, square loop shaped unit cell has been designed which provides Band Stop characteristics for the designedfrequency of 7.5 GHz. Subsequently, the hexagonal loop within the square loop shaped unit cell has been inscribed whichprovides both Band Pass and Band Stop characteristics at 7.4 GHz and 9.9 GHz respectively. Angular stability of theproposed unit cell has been determined by analyzing the TE and TM Polarization from 0 to 40 in the interval of 10. Theproposed FSS unit cell has been arranged in 2x2 array for obtaining the meta surface characteristics and the correspondingresults have been presented. All the simulations have been carried out using HFSS 2019 R2.


Band pass characteristics, Band stop characteristics, Frequency selective surface (FSS)

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