Atmospheric turbulences over Guwahati and their association with tropospheric dynamics

Medhi, Alka ; Devi, Minakshi ; Goswami, H ; Barbara, AK


The paper presents an analysis of structure constant parameter (Cn2) over Guwahati (26.2° N, 91.75° E) in relation to tropospheric dynamics involving parameter like potential temperature, specific humidity and temperature. For this purpose three years data (2007 to 2009) of temperature, humidity and pressure obtained from Radio Sonde (RS) operated at Guwahati are utilised for drawing Cn2 profiles up to tropopause height. The results show that depending on season, the average variations of Cn2 lie between10-14 to 10-19 (m-2/3). The Cn2 gradually decreases to reach a minimum at about 10 km and then starts increasing up to tropopause height of 15-16 km. The analysis further demonstrates that its magnitudes are larger in summer up to the 10-12 km height compared to their winter time values but above this altitude, Cn2 is larger in winter compared to their summer time counterparts. The paper also highlights that at pre earthquake (EQ) ambiences, this parameter may dip down by two to three orders of magnitude from its average normal range. The seasonal transition features of Cn2 with height and its EQ time changes are put to a correlative analysis with the tropospheric dynamics for an explanation.


Structure Constant Parameter, Temperature, Potential temperature, Specific humidity Earthquake

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