Dielectric properties of black soil with organic and inorganic matters at X-band

Navarkhele, Vaijanath Vitthalrao; Kapre, AK ; Shaikh, AA


Dielectric properties of black soil with organic and inorganic matters were measured at microwave frequency. The dielectric measurements have been achieved by using X-band set up. The dielectric properties that is dielectric constant (e¢) and dielectric loss (e¢¢) have been measured for two frequencies at room temperature. From the experimental data it is confirmed that the dielectric properties increases with increasing percentage volume of organic - inorganic matters and decreases with increase in frequency of oscillation. The results also show that the dielectric properties are higher for organic matter than that of inorganic matter.


Black soil, Dielectric properties, Organic and inorganic matter; Microwave X-band set up

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