Climatic Variance and its Effects on Decametric Jovian Signal Reception at a High Altitude Station Darjeeling

Mondal, Soumyabrata ; Bhattacharya, Asit Baran


In this paper we have discussed precipitation, firing related to extraterrestrial bodies and other ionospheric effects on decametric Jovian radio signal reception at high altitude. We are observing Jovian signal at 20.1 MHz in our observatory installed at Darjeeling. As we have studied Jovian signal under light of Jupiter-Io coupling, we found that out of different atmospheric components, rainfall has highest potential to influence reception of Jovian non-Io emission. Our observation shows rainfall density plays crucial role in screening extraterrestrial signal reception from Earth based observatories. Our primitive study also suggests that cumulonimbus cloud may have effect on radio signal reception at high altitude. Some interesting findings regarding climatic influence on Jovian signal reception are reported in this paper.


Rainfall; Jupiter; radio signal; Io

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