Variation of ozone with meteorology in surface air over two sites of southern Tamil Nadu, India

Krishnasharma, Rajagopal



Ozone is an important atmospheric constituent due to its role as both a green house gas and an oxidant. Ozone can be good or bad depending upon where it resides. Interactions between ozone and climate naturally occur not only in the stratosphere, but also at the Earth's surface (troposphere). In this study, the amount of surface ozone (SOZ) concentration in air was measured at the two sites of southern TamilNadu [Kottar (8.1739° N, 77.4389° E) and Suchindrum (8.1550° N, 77.4650° E)] influenced by almost same meteorological conditions for one year from February 2014 to January 2015 using a portable Aeroqual S200 and S300 monitor. A lucid global day-night variation was observed for SOZ concentration. Summer months recorded the maximum SOZ of 56 ppb. The least values of SOZ were observed during Northeast monsoon for both the sites. The maximum rate of change of SOZ was found around 4.6 ppb which can be compared well with Delhi and Gadanki. A difference of 2.01 ppb was observed in the mean of daily average surface ozone concentration between the two sites. Statistical t-test was performed in this study which reveals that this difference is due to the difference in the levels of precursor gas emissions and vegetation between the two sites.


Climate, Aeroqual, green house gas, oxidant, meteorology, surface ozone, t-test.

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