Electrical conductivity of the stratosphere over Hyderabad, India– Results from Balloon borne measurements

Gupta, S P; Thampi, Smitha


The stratospheric conductivity is an important parameter of the Global Electric Circuit. In this paper, we present the stratospheric conductivity measurements made using high altitude balloon flights from Hyderabad (17.5°N,78.5°E Geographic, 8.5°N magnetic lat), India as a part of the IMAP (1982-1994) program of India. The vertical profiles of ion conductivity were measured from Hyderabad using different techniques. These measurements were done during periods with different solar activity levels and during different seasons.  It was observed that conductivity values in stratosphere is larger in high solar activity period compared to low solar activity period. This is similar in nature to the observations from mid-latitudes. The observed positive correlation with solar activity is discussed in terms of composition changes due to the change in intensity of the UV (200-300 nm) radiation with solar activity. It is found that the dissociation of heavy cluster ions to lighter ions is the main reason for the observed positive correlation of stratospheric conductivity with solar activity. No significant seasonal effect was noticed.  In addition to this, conductivity profile obtained from Hyderabad is compared to that obtained from Cachoeira Paulista, Brazil.



Stratosphere, Conductivity, Photo-dissociation

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