A Study of “Air Pollution and Climate Change and its impacts on Human Health with Special focus on Visakhapatnam City” Andhra Pradesh

Ummaneni, Ajay Kumar


Climate records kept worldwide clearly show that ongoing changes are happening in our eco-systems. Such climate changes include temperature, precipitation, or sea level, all of which are expected to keep changing well into the future, thereby affecting human health, the environment, and the economy. Air pollutants such as Tropospheric ozone and black carbon (soot) also contribute to the greenhouse effect. Black carbon is thought to be the second or third most important anthropogenic contributor to global warming, while Tropospheric ozone is the fourth most important. Both are also major components of indoor and outdoor air pollution. This paper reviews the existing literature of the health, economic, and climatic impacts of Tropospheric ozone and black carbon emissions, together with mitigation options. The local nature of many of the impacts, combined with their short atmospheric lifetime and the existence of cost-effective abatement technologies that are already widely deployed in developed countries means reducing these emissions provides a highly climatically effective mitigation option that is also appropriate to the development strategy of industrializing countries.


Climate Change; Air Pollution; Air Quality Monitoring; Health Effects

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