Seasonal Variations of certain Physico-chemical Parameters in the Valapattanam River of Kannur district, Kerala


Rajan, Divya S; T, Keerthitha



Rivers are the primary source of water for drinking, irrigation and other domestic purposes. The present work deals with the analysis of seasonal variations of physico-chemical parameters and estimation of the salinity intrusion in the Valapattanam river of Kannur district. The objectives of the study were to analyse the physico-chemical parameters like temperature, pH, transparency, salinity, carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen, Biological oxygen demand, ammonia, hardness, chemical oxygen demand and primary productivity with respect to the seasons following standard methods.The alteration of these water quality parameters may provide an early warning signal about the degradation of this precious ecosystems. The river water quality is degraded mainly due to discharge of wastes from residential area, sewage outlets, solid wastes, detergents and automobile oil waste.The result of the studies showed that of all the three sites, site2 and site 3 are the most polluted. In the present study it has been observed that salinity ranged from 48.006 to 1471.73 mg/l. Maximum salinity was recorded in site 2(1471.73mg/l) during the pre-monsoon period and minimum was recorded in site 3 (48.003 mg/l) during the post monsoon period.Saltwater intrusion occurs mainly due to human and natural activities. This study brings to light the need for proper management of saline water intrusion in the riverine region because of the hardship its negligence brings upon the public that rely on it for livelihood. Strict measures must be brought about in order to adequately manage and control saline water intrusion so as to protect the dependent population from untold hardship that may result in near future.


Physico-Chemical Parameters; Salinity; BOD; COD

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