Design Patents for Animated Images: Development Trends

Chen, Rain ; Shen, Sung-Yun ; Tan, Su-Ping


Mobile devices have replaced computers and become the major tool to browse web pages. Such a result has enhanced the demands for Animated Image design and patent applications. Animated Image, including Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Computer-Generated Icon (CGI), will become a mainstream application in Design Patent. Taking the official database of Animated Image in the USA as the research samples, this study aims to analyze the Animated Image patents in the USA for the countries which tends to develop such Design Patent an anticipated development outline. Total 201 samples are screened for this study. The research results are concluded as follows. (1) The application times of GUI and CGI increase annually and the application quantity of GUI has far exceeded it of CGI after 2010, showing that GUI is gradually replacing CGI and becoming the mainstream application of Animated Image patents. (2) The application type of GUI focuses on computers and mobile phones, presenting that the applications of computers and mobile phones are the major development of GUI temporarily. It is worth noting that the application quantity of with unspecified objects of GUI patent is increasing in the past years, revealing the diversified development trend of GUI, beyond the applications of computers and mobile phones. (3) In regard to the analysis of patentees, Microsoft is regarded as the first enterprise conducting patent portfolios of Animated Image and has, to some extent, presented barriers to entry of other enterprises. (4) Regarding the quantity of patent appear icons, seven dynamic icons are appeared in the US Animated Image Patent Gazette. Such a result conforms to the regulations in European Union.


Animated Image; Design Patent; Graphical User Interface (GUI); Computer-Generated Icon (CGI)

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