Startups and the Growing Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Garg, Malvika ; Gupta, Suman


Startups are now being widely recognized as important engines for innovation and growth. The Indian startup ecosystem has evolved dynamically over the last two decades. Some startups were founded in the 2000s, but the ecosystem was still immature as only few investors were active and the number of support organizations such as, incubators and accelerators were limited. The Government of India is taking every possible step towards creating a conducive environment for the country’s startup ecosystem. This paper discusses about the growing startup entrepreneurial ecosystem in India, the support available for nurturing the ecosystem, the role of incubators in the development of startups, the importance of intellectual property (IP) protection and the challenges faced by startups.


Entrepreneurs; Startup Ecosystem; Minimum Viable Product; Corporate Social Responsibility; Incubator; Startup; Startups Intellectual Property Protection

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