Intellectual Property Rights and Legal Research: Issues and Challenges

Jaiswal, Puja ; Bansal, Dr. Reetiks


Intellectual property rights are very important rights that help in the economic development of a country by promoting healthy competition and encouraging industrial development. How IPR is used as a tool in legal research is significant to note. Research is a systemized effort to gain new knowledge. Legal communication via writings shall manifest higher moral values; shall maintain high degree of competence discipline. Legal research inculcates necessary theoretical and practical skills to deal with the diverse and expanding world of law, change and satisfaction. So, the issues that will arise during legal research and the challenges faced by the researchers during the period of research is discussed in this article. This article basically elaborates copyright related issues and challenges during legal research writing. It also specifies provisions for infringement of copyright and rules relating to plagiarism. Hence, present study furnishes a brief overview of intellectual property rights with special reference on research in law.


IPR; Legal Research; Fair Dealing; Copyright infringement; Plagiarism

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