Access to Medicines in Developing Countries and Free Trade Agreements: the Case of the US-DR-CAFTA with Focus on Costa Rica.

Pusceddu, Piergiuseppe


The scope of this paper is to provide an analysis of the impact of the IP provisions of a Free Trade Agreement, the US-DR-CAFTA, in the context of access to medicines in developing countries. After presenting a taxonomy of the IP provisions object of research, there is an appraisal of whether they depart from the framework set by TRIPS, to which extent they create a more stringent framework by the inclusion of TRIPS plus provisions, heavily criticised because of their repercussions on the fundamental right to health. It will follow an assessment of whether these provisions have determined a change of the related IP Law provisions in a CAFTA Member State, Costa Rica, and whether access to affordable or indispensable medicines has been affected or not. There will be a conclusion in which some improvement (if any) will be recommended and an overall appraisal of the IP provision of the Country, as result of CAFTA implementation.


Access to medicines; US-DR-CAFTA; Developing Countries; Free Trade Agreements; TRIPS plus.

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