Impact of National Handloom Development Programme (NHDP) – Adoration to GI Tagged Kuthampully Sarees

U, Priyanka ; V, Dr.VIMALA


Geographical Indication (GI) handloom products are traditional authentic products with irreplaceable uniqueness and quality. Indian handlooms play a prominent role in the nation’s socio-economic development. The Fourth Handloom Census pinpointed that millions of weavers are employed and are contributing to India’s GDP growth. Nationwide pandemic COVID–19 affected this local community. Still, the Government’s Make in India Scheme moving towards the Atma nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan Scheme implemented many sub-schemes and government programmes for GI tagged product and weavers. One among the noticeable centrally launched scheme is National Handloom Development Programme (NHDP). This study emphasised on the Geographically Indicated Kuthampully weavers to understand the awareness and benefits of NHDP along with the impact on financial assistance provided to the weavers. About ninety three weavers of GI tagged Kuthampully Sarees of Kaithary Neithu Vyavasaya Sahakarana Sangham Limited, No. H.IND. (R) 196, P.O: Kuthampully Cooperative Society was selected. The results revealed that most of the weavers were aware of and received benefits from this scheme. More financial assistance and needed benefits have to be provided to the traditional handloom weavers as their effectiveness, and efficiency in production along with government support make these Made-in-India GI tagged products and handloom weavers a treasure and valuable asset for our country.


Make-in-India; Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan; Geographical Indication; Gross Domestic Product; Kuthampully weavers; National Handloom Development Programme; Handloom Census Report 2019-2020; Textile Policy

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