Patents Commercialization Profile of Universities and Higher Education Institutes in India

Bhardwaj, Mamta ; Sandhu, Amandeep ; Ghumman, Navkiran


Innovation is the key ingredient that drives the economic growth of the nation. Globalization has diminished barriers thereby, delivering a larger market area for these innovations. Countries like USA, China, South Korea, Japan, etc. have acknowledged this fact and are thriving through consistent innovation. They have a dynamic ecosystem that supports and encourages commercialization worthy research and development (R&D) through healthy engagements among the various stakeholders. Higher Education Institutes (HEIs), a vital component of this ecosystem, offer themselves as a cradle of fundamental research and a powerhouse of potential innovations. Countries like USA have banked heavily on their HEIs, such as, Stanford and Harvard, building a sustainable framework around them. Indian HEIs, which have long been in the practice of publication of their technological advancements, are also making the transition towards the patenting system. Although the IP movement at most HEIs in India is still in nascent stages, roots have already been formed at a few select institutes.This paper attempts to provide an overview of Indian HEIs leading in patents granted and their commercialisation status, based on the “Statements of Working filed” on Form-27 at the Indian Patent Office (IPO).


Commercialization; Higher Education Institutes; Form-27; Indian Patent Office; Working Patents; Science; Technology and Innovation Policy, 2020; Translational Research Ecosystem

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