Artificial Inventors: A Shift in Traditional Policy Paradigm

Patra, Dr Soumya Prakash


There has been a constant resonance on the legality of mentioning artificial computing entity as an inventor the world over. There have been various instances of judicial decisions with an elaborate commentary on the legality of a robot or AI becoming the inventor of a patent. Considering the legal implications of AI being the inventors of inventions through identifying gaps by analysing tonnes of information through various big data analysing means, a new policy framework is necessitated. However, the big question that arises is, should the development of such inventions and their consequent patenting should be disallowed as the recent judgments have been made, or should there be regulations on inventorship of such patents and their resulting ownership. The present article attempts to give a prognosis for adapting a new legal viewpoint for considering the AI as an inventor rather than just rejecting them.


Artificial Intelligence; Inventor; Patent Law; Big Data; Policy; Industry 4.0; Device for Autonomous Bootstrapping of Unified Sentience; UK Patent Act, 1977; European Patent Convention; Neural Networks

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